Web shop back up and taking orders

The web-shop is now back up and running again after my Christmas break. Sorry to those who wanted to place an order over the holiday period but I had to shut the shop down just so I could have a good rest and not come back to a huge pile of orders.

Now we have entered a new period of Britain being outside the EU so there are going to be a few new things for me to get to grips with. As far as I know there will be no tariffs on my product and the only thing I can see as changing is that I might have to fill in customs forms for my orders. They go in letter form mostly so even that may not be an issue. Postal charges may rise but not sure as yet?

So in short you can order as normal and if anything changes I will keep you informed.

I hope you all had a Happy Christmas and lets hope this new year gets back to some form of normality as soon as is possible. But whilst you wait for the vaccine stay safe.