About Us

My name is Stephen Hales and I own ‘Little Big Men Studios’. The company was started in April of 2004 initially as a painting service. The transfers were created to help me with my painting commissions, but as time went by the transfers took up more and more of my time and became my main business. The painting commission side of LBMS is no more as I simply don’t have the time to paint due to the great success of the transfers.

Before LBMS I was a film and computer animator, but have been interested in History and war-gaming since I was seven years old. Finally becoming disillusioned with others controlling my creativity I decided to start LBMS. This has been the best decision I could have made as it has given me the chance to be my own boss and to be creative within my favourite subject matter, which is history. It gives me great pride to receive messages from satisfied customers who have really enjoyed using the transfers over the years and I must thank a lot of my regular customers for making this a very pleasant job.

The range is so large now I have lost count, but must run into the thousands! in 28mm, 15mm, 10mm and 1/72nd scales. My design time has become less due to the pressures and time constraints of sorting customer and trade orders. So the designs I do are for the more popular periods and ranges rather than the more esoteric.

I work closely with Victrix limited working on the design of the plastic figure ranges. I produce a very large range of transfers for Victrix but they are only sold via the Victrix Website.