Victrix transfers

I get asked a lot about do I sell the Victrix transfers. I don’t sell them direct on my website and only through the Victrix website. I have a vested interest in Victrix so this makes things easier to handle. Order from Julian at Victrix, he is a great guy to deal with and I […]

August 17th 2017 New Footsore and Ist Corps transfers

Just added 3 Arthurian round shield sheets to the Footsore Late Roman category, 1 large round shield sheet to the Early Saxon category and 3 new Late Saxon large round shield sheets to the Footsore new Late Saxon category. All Saxon  large round shield design can be used on all Footsore Saxons, early or Late. Also […]

June 1st 2017 New products added

Just a quick not to let you know a lot of new products have been added to the shopping cart. There are new designs for 28mm  Crusader Miniatures Vikings, Arthurians and Early Saxons/Franks. Also added are 15mm Designs for the Bauda Republican Romans. 3 New Late Roman designs have been added to the Footsore Miniatures […]