Christmas Break

I am shutting the web-shop down for the Christmas and new year break and will be up running again on the 8th January. It has been a good but tiring year this year so I need an extended break over the festive season to recharge the batteries. All orders placed before the shop shuts will […]

October 2023 Temporary shop closure

I am having to turn the web-shop off for a few weeks as I am in pain due to an awkward tooth extraction and follow up surgery. I have a lot of orders to catch up on as my work rate is a bit slow at present and I don’t want to keep adding orders […]

21st March Web shop closed for a few weeks

I have closed the web shop for a few weeks whilst I catch up on Customer and trade orders and get some new design work done, and might treat myself to a short break as well. The web shop will be open again on 14th April. Any orders placed before this will all be sorted […]

Easter Online Shop Closure

The online shop will be turned off for a few weeks as I need to clear my backlogged customer orders and have a lot of trade orders to get out of the way so I can start some new design work. It will be turned off from now until the 14th April. All orders placed […]

Christmas break 09/12/2022 to 06/01/2023

The ongoing postal strikes in the UK are causing a lot of delays in orders being sent and reaching customers. This combined with the already busy Christmas post is making it increasingly difficult and stressful. I am shutting the web shop from the 9th December until 6th January for a nice long break to recharge […]

Summer break 2022

I am taking a break for a couple of weeks and so have turned off the web-shop so I do not return to a backlog of orders. You can still browse the range but will not be able to place any new orders until Monday 22nd August. Best regards and enjoy your summer. Steve

22nd August 2021 short break

Taking another short break to recharge the batteries. The web shop has been closed so as not to come back to a pile of orders thus negating any relaxation gained by the break. The web Shop will be back up and running next Friday.