The web shop will be down for about a week

The web shop will be down for about a week as I am taking a short break. My workload has doubled since March due to Covid and lockdown as everybody has been safely home painting figures. I have tried to keep the orders going out as fast as I can but can’t get them out […]

April 1st 2020 Virus update

I have had quite a few emails asking am I still trading. Yes I am still sending out orders for as long as the postal service is still working. I am having a massive surge in orders as to be expected when everybody is forced to stay home and need something to do. It is […]

Christmas break December 21st 2019

I am just finishing some orders off today which will go out on Monday but I won’t be processing any new orders now until the New Year. You can still order but please be aware it will take a few days for me to catch up after the holiday. Thanks for all your support and […]

Taking a break

Just a quick message to say I am having a break from 4th June for a couple of weeks. If you have placed an order in this period please be patient when waiting for you order as I will have a couple of weeks customer and trade orders to catch up when I get back […]


I have just finished 4 sheets of Norman transfers to fit the Footsore Miniatures new Norman figures. I already have existing flag and lance pennant sheets for Normans in the banners section. Also I have just uploaded the Irish small shield designs for the Footsore range. I did these a while back but forgot to […]

Victrix transfers

I get asked a lot about do I sell the Victrix transfers. I don’t sell them direct on my website and only through the Victrix website. I have a vested interest in Victrix so this makes things easier to handle. Order from Julian at Victrix, he is a great guy to deal with and I […]

August 17th 2017 New Footsore and Ist Corps transfers

Just added 3 Arthurian round shield sheets to the Footsore Late Roman category, 1 large round shield sheet to the Early Saxon category and 3 new Late Saxon large round shield sheets to the Footsore new Late Saxon category. All Saxon  large round shield design can be used on all Footsore Saxons, early or Late. Also […]